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Monkey Capture 3_02.jpg
Person holding one of the monkeys.

foote and burns_04.jpg
Shelby Foote and documentary producer, Ken Burns posing.

foote and percy.jpg
Shelby Foote and his friend, Walker Percy lounging outside.

Foote_and dad_1917_002.jpg
Shelby Foote, Sr. holding a baby Shelby around 1917.

Shelby Foote is standing second from the left in this photo of the 1991 Omicron Delta Kappa inductees in 1991.

Shelby_Foote_baby_and mother_1917_002.jpg
Shelby is about two years old and sitting on his mother's lap.

Foote_at Shilo National Park_19900429_01.jpg
Foote visited Shiloh National Park in April 1990. His fictional re-creation of the battle of Shiloh in April 1862, "Shiloh; a novel" was published in 1952. Foote uses the first-person perspective of several Union and Confederate soldiers to depict…

Foote is about four years old and dressed in overalls andholding a piece of wood and a hammer

Foote was editor of the award winning newspaper at his high school in Greenville, Mississippi. He is standing in front center of these students from Greenville High School.
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