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Foote_first mustache_21years_1938_small.jpg
Foote described this as his first mustache when he was 21 years old in 1938.

Shelby Foote taking to a group of young men at the University of North Carolina

Foote_capt_Birmingham, England_1944_small.jpg
Foote as a Captain stationed in Birmingham, England.

Foote_Cybel Shepard_Memphis shoot_1990nov024_small_01_edited-1.jpg
During the filming of "Memphis", Foote visited the set and met with Cybil Shepard who was acting in the movie. "Memphis" was based on Foote's novel, "September, September" and was filmed on Sheridan Street in Memphis in 1990.

Foote kept a list of classical composers and their birth and death dates tacked to his bulletin board. When he noted his daily activities in his diary, he would not which musical work he listened to on his long walk.

Foote was captured dancing with a young coed at this formal at the University of North Carolina in 1936 when he would have been a sophomore.

Foote_EParkway Home_small_023.jpg
This is the front of the home on East Parkway that Foote shared with his wife, Gwen.

This bulletin board hung on the wall at the back of the desk where Foote did most of his writing. He structured his day to include a walk, watch one soap opera and write at least 500 words for his current project .

Ken Burns sent a set of the PBS documentary on the Civil War to Foote and thanking Foote for being the "presiding effort" in the production.

Foote's grandfather, Huger Lee Foote is standing sideways in the front of the group.

Foote is sitting on the end of his bed reading with a picture of Marcel Proust hanging on the wall behind him. Foote had become a passionate reader of Proust in his teen years at Will Percy's home. He remarked in the second volume of the Civil War…

Foote_chapel hill_NC_ 1993oct_small.jpg
Foote received a Doctor of Letters from the University of North Carolina about the time that this picture was taken.

Redmon_Peterson_Foote Collection processing_2011_small.jpg
Through a History Department Fellowship, Lauren Peterson ‘13 and Jordan Redmon ’13 worked with consulting librarian, Carol McCarley to organize Foote’s collection. They helped transfer the items to archival storage and to write the finding aid.

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Image 1_PNR and CED.jpg
President Charles E. Diehl and Dr. Peyton Nalle Rhodes.

Image 2_PS article.jpg
An August 24, 1948 Memphis Press-Scimitar article announced the creation of a
"museum of college antiquities” and asked alumni and college friends for contributions of any photograph, document, plaque, any object connected to the history of the…

Image 3_Henry S. Bunting.jpg
Henry S. Bunting, Class of 1891 sent two of the medals he earned at Southwestern Presbyterian University.

Medal awarded to Henry S. Bunting in 1891.
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