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Theatre at Rhodes College

The earliest known drama group at the College was called The Bats".  There is llittle documentation about this group, except that they began around 1914 and the College provided a room on an upper floor of the Castle Building to use as a theatre..  The drama club, known as "The Pals," was organized at Southwestern Presbyterian University during the school year 1917-1918.  They used the same "modern" theater space that the Bats had used.  The Pals called this "The Little Theater" and it was a portmanteau style theatre. The group experimented in order to bring about the best arrangements for performing in a small theater.  "The Little Theater"  was supported by organization dues, the College and and friends of the theater.   Although anyone was able to apply to participate, it was only after writing and producing a play or after reciving applause at three public performances, that full membership was awarded.The Pals produced full-length plays in the larger auditorium of the Clarksville High School.

In 1926, The Pals presented Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest as their first production on the new Memphis campus.  The play was presented in Hardie Auditorium.

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