The Archives in Burrow Library

Archives image 9.5_blair letter re archives 1986

Blair letter to President Daughdrill

Library Director, Lynn Blair, wrote to President Daughdrill explaining that the use of the Archives collection was increasing and that there was a need to better conserve the materials.  She suggested a task force to study the issue, but President Daughdrill understood the urgency asked that a room in Burrow Library be renovated to serve as the College Archives.     A wall was removed to expand the size of a classroom in the basement of Burrow and carpeting and book shelves were added.

Archives Image 9 Burrow Library

Burrow Library

The Archives Collection was moved from the basement of Kennedy Science Building to the basement of Burrow Library in the summer of 1987.

Archives Image 7_Goodbar Morgan

Monroe Goodbar Morgan '31

Monroe Goodbar Morgan, a member of the Class of 1931,  had served the College as Alumni Secretary from 1946 to 1973.  He became a part-time co-archivist in 1977 and served in this position until his death in 1987.

Archives image 10 Morgan plaque

Morgan Archives Plaque

The plaque reads:

                "The Moroe Goodbar Morgan Archives Room

  The Gift of Alvin Wunderlich, Jr. '39,  Harold Ohledorf '31, and other alumni members of Epsilon Sigma of Sigma Nu.

   Dedicated in loving tribute to Goodbar Morgan '31, Charter member of Epsilon Sigma of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Alumni Secretary and Dirctor of Alumni Affairs 1946-1973, Archivist.  To Generations of students he is "Mr. Rhodes College."

    'It is my whole life:  The College and the People.'  MGM

                                    March 26, 1988"


Archives image 11- burrow basement 01

Archives in 1988


 The archives collection was in boxes after its move from Kennedy to the Archives Room in the basement of Burrow Library.

Archives image 12 Burrow basement 02

North End of Archives Room in Burrow Library

North end of the Archives room in Burrow basement after the collection was moved from Kennedy Science Building.

Archives image 13 Burrow basement annex 1991

Archives Annex in 1993

When 35+ boxes of President's Papers were moved from a vault in Palmer Hall to the Archives in Burrow Library, a lounge outside the archive's was converted to a secure storage area.

Archives image 14_burrow basement 1998

Archives Room 1999.

After ten-years of sorting and organizing and labeling the materials that had been in boxes by part-time College Archivist, Elizabeth E. Gates, the Archives was a presentable Archives.

The Archives in Burrow Library