The Rhodes College Archives


The Rhodes College Archives


The history of how the Archives was established.

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Archives image 8_SW article 1980
Newspaper account of moving archives to Kennedy.

Archives Image 4 Bunting Essayist Medal 1891
Medal awarded to Henry S. Bunting in 1891.

Archives_image 3_Henry Bunting
Henry S. Bunting, Class of 1891 sent two of the medals he earned at Southwestern Presbyterian University.

Archives Image 2 Press-Scimitar article
An August 24, 1948 Memphis Press-Scimitar article announced the creation of a
"museum of college antiquities” and asked alumni and college friends for contributions of any photograph, document, plaque, any object connected to the history of the…

Archives image 1_CED and PNR
President Charles E. Diehl and Dr. Peyton Nalle Rhodes.

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